Bypassing Internet Shutdowns in Libya and Egypt

As tensions rose in Egypt and the Arab Spring began to take hold, UCLA Luskin School of Public Affairs Ph.D. student John Scott-Railton took it upon himself to help Egyptians bypass a national internet blackout, ensuring their stories were heard across the world. Through the help of Twitter, satellite phones, and a network of protestors, Scott-Railton recorded and hosted first-hand on-the-ground accounts, tweeting them out in near real-time. With help from a social-first PR strategy developed at the Luskin School, Scott-Railton became a near overnight story, landing features in TIME Magazine, the LA Times, Guardian, NPR, and more.

Scott-Railton would go on to repeat and improve upon his efforts in Libya, becoming a key influencer in the media conversation surrounding the Arab Spring movement.

Roles & Responsibility
Social Media Strategy, PR Strategy